Mother Grabbers! Exterminators Of The Year 3000 Is On Blu-ray!

Where do I even start with this movie?

How about…

“IN A WORLD…after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed the ozone layer…a wasteland scarce of water…full of marauders and thieves…one man with a laser gun….one boy with a robotic arm…one woman with perfect hair…and one bald headed, badly dubbed lunatic named “Crazy Bull”…fight to find the last remaining drops of water…to save life on earth as we know it! And maybe it’s set in the year 3000, but no one ever says. And there’s a hamster that likes harmonica music…”

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of this bonkers flick. Released in 1983, Exterminators Of The Year 3000 is a not so subtle attempt to cash in on Mad Max. So much so, that the prop cars, wardrobe and locations could have been interchangeable with The Road Warrior. However, this movie has a heavy dose of Italian cheese melted all over it. Directed by Giuliano Carnimeo – whose credits are full of spaghetti westerns – takes the post apocalyptic formula, adds some Sergio Leoni with a small dose of John Carpenter and a lot of synthesizers.

Starring Calvin Klein underwear model Robert Iannucci….yes, you read that correctly…the film follows an anti hero named “Alien” (name never explained) who befriends a boy that is the sole survivor of a search party whose goal was to find a source of water for his dying tribe. Together, the two unlikely friends hit the wasteland to locate the treasured H20 while facing a group of bikers lead by Crazy Bull, who for some reason feels that calling people “Mother Grabbers” is the highest form of sincerity as well as the lowest form of an insult.

Look. This movie is ridiculous. But it’s entertaining as hell. Plenty of action, cool vehicles, lots of leather, a killer soundtrack and one awesome beheading by a bolas keep the story moving along. Scream! Factory managed to find a beautiful print of the film. The extras contain what looks like an old interview with Robert Iannucci along with a brand new audio commentary from him as well. For a movie made over 30 years ago, the guy has a pretty good memory of what went down and has a lot of fun talking about it.

There are also a few trailers. One is the theatrical trailer which has had all the updated footage to replace whatever the old available trailer was. Sadly, this update has also lost the original optical titles, now replaced with text tool graphics. I realize that they want to use the cleanest footage, but I think it might have been nice to use the old trailer and not eye match all their newly transferred footage. The Blu-ray already has a nice transfer, I felt that original grainy trailer would have been more nostalgic. The other trailers are a pair of TV spots for the film – a :30 and a :15. These are really fun to watch because in the last few seconds, the video squeezes into a small box, allowing for the local markets to add their theater information in the empty screen real-estate. I find that stuff fascinating.

One more thing – the title makes no sense. In the movie, there is a super weaponized car called The Exterminator, but that doesn’t really connect to the name of the film.

Doesn’t matter, get the movie here Mother Grabber! This one you’ll want to see for yourself.

About that car…even though there’s no water, there is plenty of gas to run the cars? I mean, they have a LOT of working cars in this barren wasteland future set seemingly 1000 years after the war. They’ve held up pretty well.

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