Do You Remember The Time When TRON and Alien Met?

Do You Remember The Time When TRON and Alien Met?

I’ve already made quite a few posts talking about how much love Funko is showering on characters like the Rocketeer as has Rob O’Hara with Ghostbusters and I See Robots on their ReAction figure series. I can honestly say that Funko is doing their very best to make sure that I keep my eyes peeled whenever I visit my local book or toy store.

The other day while visiting the bookstore my Wife spotted two lonely boxes for Funko’s Science Fiction Mystery Minis. These were the first time I had actually seen them and when she pointed out that the Rocketeer was one of the possible figures I could obtain I quickly made my way to the check out. Now sadly my chances of pulling a Rocketeer from the box were 1 in 72 boxes but even if the two in my hand didn’t contain a mini version of Cliff Secord there were enough characters…like all of them…that I wouldn’t mind adding them to my collectibles shelf at home.

Images courtesy of Funko.
Images courtesy of Funko.

So sitting in the cafe I tore open the first box, not daring to look at what might be peeking up at me…to find the mini figure inside a black plastic bag…so I tore it open just enough to get my fingers within and withdrew the Xenomorph from Alien!

Alien B - Mystery Minis - Funko

Opening the last box I repeated the same steps but this time luck was with me, sadly I didn’t find the Rocketeer, but as I slowly uncurled my fist seeing TRON looking back at me was still quite the thrill.

Tron - Mystery Minis - Funko

Tron B - Mystery Minis - Funko

The best part about TRON? He glows in the freaking dark!

Tron - Glow in the Dark - Mystery Minis - Funko

I’m going to have to try and find a store in my neck of the woods that carries these bad boys, not just because of the chance to get that Rocketeer but to add the likes of Malcom Reynolds, Robocop, the Metaluna Mutant, and Predator to my collection.


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