Gene Deitch’s The Hobbit (1966)

Hey there my creeps! As you plunked yer lil’ retro rears down in front of the last flick in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy I just know you thought to yerself “I wonder what would happen if that crazy cat Gene Deitch turned his talents upon The Hobbit instead of deliverin’ the most surreal Tom and Jerry cartoons possibly imagined in order to retain the rights to a feature length animated version of the story in 1966, but he only had one month and twelve minutes to tell a basic, albeit drastically altered, version of the book?” Hmm, on second thought you probably were thinking “Do I really need a refill on this large corn tub and why can I no longer feel my butt?”

Anyway, whether you thought it or not, he made it; and here it is:

And the comments section fills up with absurdity in 5…4…3…2…

Daniel XIII

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