The Rocketeer By Giovi Lee

I think I’ve stated on the site once or twice before that I am a huge fan of the Rocketeer. So when I stumbled across this bit of digital artwork by Giovi Lee I felt I should share his tribute to the late great Dave Stevens’ iconic character with you all.

All images courtesy of Giovi Lee.
All images courtesy of Giovi Lee.

Lee states on his Blog that this was created for a course on game modeling and he wanted to present and aged look at Cliff Secord. Looking at his artwork I can’t help but wonder what it might have been like to have seen Stevens bring his character closer to modern day, perhaps Secord would even have assembled a small group of trusted aides to help him keep the world safe, as it always seemed he found himself acting as hero, serving as a wise leader to a new generation of Rocketeers?

The Rocketeer - Aged Cliff - Giovi Lee

Make sure to check out Giovi Lee’s blog by following the link provided up top to see some more of his fantastic work for the likes of Tron, Batman, Blade Runner, and more.


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