Let’s grab Lunch at the Catfish Cabin in 1981

I love when I find a local commercial for stores or chains that still exists today. The Catfish Cabin of 1981 had at least 3 locations in Alabama and it looks like a Catfish Cabin still exists in Athens, Alabama. So maybe they are the same restaurant chain? The neon fish in the commercial sort of looks like the one in the modern menu illustration, but I cannot find a “History” section.

Well even if they are not related. If you happen to be near enough to the Athens’ location, I suggest you watch this commercial a few times and when you go get lunch, pretend that you have been transported back to 1981. It is a well-known fact that fried fish tasted a whole lot better back in 1981. No one knows why, but it is a scientific fact.


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One thought on “Let’s grab Lunch at the Catfish Cabin in 1981

  1. rebel-scum75 says:

    This restaurant is about 15 minutes from my house. It’s great food. I suggest it but don’t go on Sunday afternoon, the line and wait is long.

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