Why you should be watching Shout! Factory TV

Why you should be watching Shout! Factory TV

Shout! Shout! Let it all out……these are the things I can’t do without! ;)

A quote from the new VH1 original series Hindsight struck me upon hearing it recently. A girl, circa 1995, told her time traveling friend from present day that she wished she could “just watch any movie anytime” she wanted. Imagine her delight to discover that in the near future just about anything can be watched anytime, and on a phone that easily slips into the pocket of your sweatshirt.

True, it can be so easy to take for granted the accessibility and ease with which entertainment is quite literally at our fingertips. Programs like Hindsight remind us that what seemed like a pipe dream in the fairly recent past is now as everyday to us as an answering machine -errr…..voicemail I guess, LOL. And perhaps one of the most exciting of these developments is streaming video. Hulu, Amazon Prime, and of course Netflix provide this luxury – and oh yes, the most glorious invention ever, a little something called YouTube :)

Well now all of us retro TV fans have yet another reason to thank Shout! Factory. As if all their cool DVD releases weren’t enough to get excited about, they have now joined the streaming club. Yes, the internet community can watch an eclectic smattering of their favorite retro TV from their computer, tablet, or phone – and for free at that! You don’t even need to log in or create a password – just stroll on over to Shout! Factory TV and start waxing nostalgic. With a little someone for everyone, there’s sure to be a program to fit your mood. Father Knows Best and Dennis the Menace are amongst the offerings of retro TV comfort food – what you might opt for while home with the flu and a cup of tea. A variety of cult favorite rarity films provide an interesting alternative to regular sitcom fare. Throw in some Garry Shandling and Pee-Wee Herman and you’ve got programming perfect for the chronic insomniac. One offering that’ll be sure to pique interest is the quirky Sci-Fi Channel favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 – perhaps the precursor to the idea of live tweeting during a show?. (Can I be the only one who wishes they would make a version of this show to ABC’s The Bachelor??? ;)

As if all this isn’t enough, they even gave us a nifty calendar on their website to provide a little teaser for upcoming DVD releases. If you’re not a huge fan of watching programming online, no worries! Shout Factory has plenty of options for the DVD fan as well. A big fan of Maude? Make sure that your St. Patrick’s Day celebration doesn’t go too late into the evening as the complete series is to be released on March 17 (along with seasons 1 and 2 of WKRP in Cincinnati :)

For all of us classic TV fans, it doesn’t matter how we watch to get our retro fix. There are so many options it makes TV all more fun…..if that were even possible :) Now I can’t wait to see the episode of Hindsight where the 1995 girl finds out that streaming has nothing to do with rowing a boat……..

Claudia Walrad

To begin with....everything ;)

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  1. I’ll love them forever just for putting Freaks & Geeks out with the original music intact.

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