Saturday Frights: John Carpenter’s The Thing Teaser (1982)

Welcome back friends to another offering on Saturday Frights. The Projectionist is ill so I’ve stepped in at the last moment to program your entertainment for tonight and this time it’s a quick one. A friend to the Retroist site was kind enough to send us this YouTube link that claims to be a teaser trailer for John Carpenter’s 1982 classic The Thing!

I certainly have never had the opportunity to see this teaser until this afternoon but if it’s real…and I have no reason to doubt it…it’s a nice look at what direction they might have gone with their advertising.

[Via] Bread Crust Council
From Bread Crust Council’s upload:
“John Carpenter’s 1982 classic was advertised well in advance of its summer release with this elusive teaser trailer. Long rumored to exist, this teaser is hidden on the 2008 French DVD release (where I got it from), and isn’t available on any other DVD, Blu-Ray, or even laserdisc release of the film! For some reason, the beginning of the trailer runs at 12 frames per second. I went through frame by frame and determined this must be the way its supposed to run, as there’s different bits of film damage each frame, as opposed to each frame being the same.”

Here is the theatrical trailer most of us saw back in the day.

[Via] Thriller Chiller Films


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