Are You Ready To Crack Open The Avengers Vault? (Book Review)

Thanks to our friends at Thunder Bay Press I have been given the opportunity to review the hardback tome for Marvel’s The Avengers Vault. Hitting book shelves next Tuesday on February 17th, this massive 175 page collection holds all the facts about the creation of characters such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, as well as the history of the Avengers team including all of its changes in roster.

The Avengers Vault is written by none other than Peter David, a prolific comic book author who has scripted the adventures of Aquaman, X-Factor, Young Justice, and a 12 year run on the Incredible Hulk to name just a few. I have been a Marvel fan for a very long time and David makes sure to pepper the book with very interesting facts and the quashing of long held rumors about the creation of some of our favorite Marvel icons that even I was not aware of.

Images courtesy of Thunder Bay Press.
Images courtesy of Thunder Bay Press.

David takes us through the opening chapter which details the creation of the Avengers team, a long believed legend was that it was thanks in no small part to a golf game between Martin Goodman of then Timely Comics and Jack Liebowitz of DC Comics. David sheds some light on the more likely truth of how it all came to be and goes on to give us the highlights of the Avengers lore such as the introduction of Ultron, the Vision, the Falcon and when the team decided they needed to split up and start the West Coast branch of heroes. He also touches upon all of the major storylines the group has been part of like Secret Wars, the Korvac Saga, Acts of Vengeance, Operation: Galactic Storm, and so on ending with The Heroic Age.

From there David delves deep into the overview of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk with some fantastic famous covers and in some cases original art.

Avenger's Vault - Original Art - Marvel - Thunder Bay Press

David wraps it all up with how the popularity of the characters has leapt from comic books to the myriad animated series starting with the Marvel Super Heroes back in 1966 up to 2013’s Avengers Assemble. David then gives us a 7 page list of every Marvel Comics character that has accepted the invitation to become an Avenger!

Also of note in each chapter of the book are included nice little reproductions related to the particular subject, my two favorite being the Sentinels of Liberty fan club membership card and the comic poster for when Thor was turned into a frog back in 1985.

Avenger's Vault - Marvel - Thunder Bay Press

Whether you are a longtime fan of the characters that make up the roster of the Avengers or know them only due to the excellent motion pictures that Marvel Studios has been producing, you are going to want to pick up The Avengerss Vault. You can pre-order a copy for yourself by either visiting the site or by way of Amazon.


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