Watch Nick Cage Yell The Alphabet! Vampire’s Kiss On Scream! Factory Blu-ray!

Some films live in a hazy ether of weirdness. You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen clips on YouTube, you’ve heard them quoted, but you realize you’ve never sat and watched the whole film. Vampire’s Kiss is one of those films. It came and went in the theaters back in 1989, it had a small DVD release, to my knowledge it’s rarely (if ever) on TV and yet people instantly recognize it as one of Nick Cage’s craziest performances. They’d be right.

Vampire’s Kiss tells the story of Peter Loew, a New York businessman who spends his days wielding power like a titan and his nights bedding women like a titan. His life changes after a gruesome, neck biting, one-night stand with Rachel (a totally 80s Jennifer Beals), and he slowly turns into a vampire. Or at least, he thinks he’s turning into a vampire. The film, written by Joseph Minion – who years earlier wrote the incredible After Hours – is a twisted dark comedy. Violent images mixed with Cage’s hilarious insane trip down the rabbit hole make you pause after every scene wondering what the hell this movie is about. Is it supposed to be funny, serious or just off the rails? The answer is – all of the above. There’s no point in discussing the film much more other than saying it’s worth the viewing if only to tell your friends you finally saw Vampire’s Kiss.

And now you can see all the Nick Cage madness – and one random mime scene – in high definition thanks to Scream! Factory’s Blu-ray release. The transfer looks and sounds great. The extras are thin. An audio commentary with Cage and the film’s director Robert Beirman has been ported over from the DVD. However, if you’ve never heard it, their hindsight on the film is interesting and worth checking out. This double feature Blu-ray also has High Spirits starring Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole and Steve Guttenberg so if you like that film too, I don’t see what you are waiting for.

Get out your plastic vampire teeth and order Vampire’s Kiss, available February 10!


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