Network Production Music : Finally, A Production Music Library That Sounds Good.

Some of you know, I have a fondness for library music. That is a vast listing of already produced music that covers several genres and is available to license for your film, television or new media production. Working as an editor, I have access to most of the major music libraries in the business and I like to listen. However, my father (who also worked in television as well as radio) had all sorts of production albums from his days as a commercial producer and I vividly recall digging through his albums and hearing all the wonderful music. I guess that’s where this passion for library music started.

Last week, while shopping Amoeba in Hollywood, I found this guy for 3 bucks. It’s a demo album for Network, a music library based out of San Diego. I remember finding some of their LPs back in film school, so when this one appeared, I snatched it up. The demo discs are considerably more rare than the actual full albums mostly because they would have been discarded by the prospective clients.

Cooly narrated, the one sided LP gives the listener a nice sampling of the hottest tracks along with explanation of the different licensing options. I was excited to find I instantly recognized one of the tracks at around 2:50. Back in the 80s, it was used for the daily WFLD broadcast of the Illinois Lottery picks and any Chicagoan worth their Italian Beef will know it. Our pals at were able to ID the track – it’s called Power Generator and you can purchase it on Amazon! There are a few other tracks that had a distant familiar feeling, but couldn’t place them.

Listen for yourself and let me know what you think!

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles.He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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