After 36 Years I Finally Got That Star Wars 12″ Boba Fett Figure!

Okay. That header is a total lie. This original 12″ Boba Fett figure from 1979 actually belongs to the Arkadia Retrocade thanks to the generosity of Earl Green but since I work there…that means I can play with it when I wish, right? So it’s kind of like I own one now. At least that is what I’ll keep telling myself.

Boba Fett 1 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 2 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 4 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 5 - Arkadia Retrocade

Boba Fett 6 - Arkadia Retrocade

My favorite part of the original box is the JC Penney’s sticker!

Boba Fett 7 - Arkadia Retrocade

[Via] 12 Back

Now to be fair Earl did bring us another gift from his collection…but that is for another post!


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