Collecting For Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace By Syd Bolton (Review)

Collecting For Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace By Syd Bolton (Review)

I think a few of my posts on the site have shown that I consider myself a pretty big fan of classic LaserDisc games, in particular the Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace titles. Which is why I was so delighted when Syd Bolton of Ontario, Canada’s Personal Computer Museum contacted the site and was kind enough to ask if I would like to review his book ‘Collecting For Dragon’s Lair & Space Ace’!

Syd has crafted one fantastic book about not just the staggering amount of items fans can collect for the Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace games with the myriad home ports, but focusing on the arcade machines themselves as well as the available merchandise then and now, like collector cards, T-Shirts, coloring books, and toys, etc. Syd goes beyond that by also providing an in-depth history of how Rick Dyer, Don Bluth, and Gary Goldman all came together to bring us these classic games.

Syd covers each and every permutation of not just the home ports with his annotations but also the differences between the original arcade cabinets, in particular I was captivated by the Italian and Australian models for the original Dragon’s Lair. In my personal opinion I think the Aussie version is one of the most captivating cabinets that I’ve seen!

Images courtesy of Syd Bolton.
Images courtesy of Syd Bolton.

Throughout the book are also little pieces of interesting trivia that he has entitled ‘Did you know?’ and while I did in fact know a few of them like the one included below…

Dragon's Lair 5 - Syd Bolton

…there were many more that I had never heard of until reading the book.

Dragon's Lair - C 64 - Syd Bolton

If you are a fan of the either the Dragon’s Lair or Space game series you WILL want to pick up this book, even if you are just a fan of classic gaming I’m sure the amount of retro advertising will cause a large grin to spread across your face.

I'm happy to say that I have the Dragon's Lair Sling Darts!
I’m happy to say that I have the Dragon’s Lair Sling Darts!
Check out these Theater Lobby cards that were produced for Space Ace!
Check out these Theater Lobby cards that were produced for Space Ace!

Make sure to order your copy of Collecting For Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace either by visiting Collecting For.Com or through Amazon. You should also check out the Personal Computer Museum because it’s an awesome thing that Syd is doing with it…and by the way…did you know that Syd was Canada’s top video game collector? No? Then prepare for your jaw to hit the floor and get a bad case of envy as you watch this segment of Extreme Collectors!

If you happen to need a little brush up on the magic that was Dragon’s Lair why not give Episode 81 of the Retroist Podcast a listen?


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  1. Boy, seeing Syd’s video game collection and knowing how much it’s worth would tear me apart…would I sell it or keep it? Dude.

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