Transformer Fans Get To Vote On Hasbro’s New Combiner Wars Toyline!

While the upcoming Combiner Wars Transformers toyline isn’t exactly retro it does include characters that were created back in the G1 days of the series, so I hope you’ll give me a pass on presenting this exciting announcement.

Kotaku shared the news a couple of days ago that we fans could vote on the the five types of vehicles that will form a brand new Combiner, fan votes each week will also determine what faction the Combiner will follow and possibly it’s name. An extra bonus is like the fan poll that Hasbro held last year which resulted in the manufacturing of the Autobot known as Windblade this Combiner will too be part of Transformers canon.

If you do not know what a Combiner is or what fans sometimes call Gestalts are, just think of the Constructicons as they merge to form Devastator…or better yet just watch a clip of an awesome battle from the animated series!

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If you are a Transformers fan with iOS or an Android you need merely download the free app and start making your choices. Each week a new choice will be made available for one week only…

Image courtesy of Kotaku.
Image courtesy of Kotaku.
Image courtesy of Kotaku.
Image courtesy of Kotaku.

…ending with a final question that we can find on the Toys ‘R’ Us twitter feed. Thankfully there are images already out for the Combiner Wars toys and I have to say that I am floored by the artwork they are using on the packaging…I want those paintings hanging in my living room!


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