Check Out This Fan Made Title Sequence For The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman!

Check Out This Fan Made Title Sequence For The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman!

I do not believe I can truly put into words properly how much a fan I am of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic series created by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill. Back in 1999 I happened to catch an ad for the new series being then published by America’s Best Comics and was totally hooked by it’s premise. It’s concept of taking a team of ‘Heroes’ from Victorian literature just fit my wheel house so completely that when it was originally published I ended up purchasing multiple copies of the comics to pass out to my co-workers in an effort to get them as hooked as I was…when I say multiple copies I mean 10 to 15.

Before the series was even finished Fox had scooped up the movie rights for the comic book and in 2003 it released what was intended to be a Summer blockbuster with…mixed results. There are many things I like about the movie and many things I do not care for but to be fair it could have been much, much worse.

So when a friend of the site was kind enough to send me a link to Florian Liedtke’s take on the intro/end credits of his Real League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie I had to give it a look…and I was totally blown away by what Florian has done. Florian did this video for a class at his University, be warned that it SPOILS the big ending of the first League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic series.

The REAL League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from Florian Liedtke on Vimeo.


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  1. I think the saddest thing about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is that it is Sean Connery last big screen movie.

  2. Yeah, RG…you are 100% correct. Let’s not forget also that the huge flood destroyed most of the sets including the original Nautilus they were to use…so what we see in the film was kind of cobbled together. I do highly recommend that you read the novelization for the film to see how it was originally intended, James Robinson (Starman) wrote it.

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