Sugar Free Fresca? Wow!

I do not generally drink sugar-free soft drinks. When I am going to have one, I go for the real thing, I have always been that way. I did go through a brief infatuation with Fresca. This was mainly because my mother had drunk it in the 1960s and spoke very highly of it. When I asked her why we didn’t get it, she said it was because they had “ruined it” by changing the artificial sweetener.

Fresca like many sugar-free drink used sodium cyclamate which was banned by the FDA and replaced in most drinks by saccharin. She seemed to be one of those people who felt that the saccharin had an aftertaste and the sodium cyclamate did not. So Fresca was never in the house until I bought one out of curiosity in the mid-1980s. I too tasted the saccharin aftertaste that she complained about and it has always made me curious about the original formulation.


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