In the 1980s, Everyone Understood your Jellybean Reference

This ad for Shaw’s of San Francisco features all the sorts of gifts and nick-knacks you might give your co-workers or your Mom on Mother’s Day in 1981. What I love about the ad is the mention of the “Presidential treat”.

Ask anyone who lived through the 1980s and they will know exactly what that means. It is in reference to president Ronald Reagan’s love of Jelly Beans. How did we all come to know this? Because every comedian, sketch comedy show, talk show host, etc brought it up ALL THE TIME.

As a fan of the Jelly Bean, I am glad that it raised awareness of this sweet treat and spawned many a gourmet jelly bean business, but I could have done without the constant and tired impersonations.


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4 thoughts on “In the 1980s, Everyone Understood your Jellybean Reference

  1. robmishou says:

    Bonus for anyone who can count how many jellybean jokes where delivered on SNL or in political stand up routines during this era.

  2. Skyball! Never let it hit the ground!

    Sorry, that’s still stuck in my head.

    Anyway, when in Kenosha, WI, make sure to stop by the Jelly Belly distribution center! It’s huge and they have a really cool train tour inside the plant. Fun for the whole family!

  3. The company HQ and one of their manufacturing plants is located in Fairfield, CA, about 40 minutes away from where I live. They do fun tours there (but I don’t think they have a train like the place in WI), and the presidential aspect is still very real to them (gets brought up a lot on the tour).

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