I Totally Missed Out On The Transformers Action Masters

In my youth there came a point when I had to make the decision to choose which toy line to follow. Gobots or Transformers. Thanks to what I feel was a better marketing campaign I went with the Transformers…in fact my first Transformer purchase was Wheeljack and that was after an hour or so of reading the tech specs on the backs of each box over and over and over again. I wouldn’t spend that much time agonizing over my selection of something again until I bought my first car nine years later.

I imbibed deeply of the Kool-Aid that was the Transformers but by the time the Action Masters came out in 1990 I was focusing most of my collecting on comic books, video games, and movies. So I missed out on this particular line of Transformers toys.

[Videos Via] Ryan Yzquierdo

The story for the Action Masters is that Optimus Prime after searching for a new energy source other than Energon discovers Nucleon in the heart of a black hole, it is a fuel that makes a Transformer stronger and faster but at the cost of their ability to transform. While Prime is able to find volunteers to join him in using this new fuel it isn’t long before the Decepticons are able to get their hands on it and they too create Action Masters to bolster their own forces.

Wheeljack is hands down my favorite Transformer of all time. Which is why I feel so bad about missing out in collection what was essentialy an action figure version of his character.

Images courtesy of Botch's Transformers Box Art Archive.
Images courtesy of Botch’s Transformers Box Art Archive.

Wheeljack - Turbo Racer - Action Masters

Thanks to Botch’s Transformers Box Art Archive for these awesome scans of the Action Masters and in particular Wheeljack and his Turbo Racer…but looking at Optimus Prime and his Armored Convoy…doesn’t this resemble a scene from the Road Warrior?

Optimus Prime - Armored Convoy - Action Masters


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