Save time with the Rapi-tape Automatic Tape Dispenser

Commercials like this always over-dramatize common problems and then offer you a solution to that common problem. In the case of Rapi-tape, I do not think it is dramatic enough. To this day I still have issues when I lose the end of the tape and when I finally do pull the end up, the tape shreds. This was even worse when I was a kid and my family bought the cheapest tape possible. I think one year I wasted nearly a whole roll of tape and finally decided to use medical tape to close the Christmas presents I had bought. Which got a lot of laughs until my mother realized just how much of the more valuable tape I had used to wrap packages containing items that cost less than the tape.

Nowadays I try to buy higher quality tape, but I still run into problems. I think it is time for Rapi-tape 2.0 to hit store shelves.


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