LOOT CRATE goes retro for January 2015!

LOOT CRATE goes retro for January 2015!

LOOT CRATE is a “Monthly Box of Geek & Gamer Gear” whose arrival is greatly anticipated by my household each month. Arriving in the mail, the now almost-iconic black shipping box of LOOT CRATE is stuffed with a multitude of miscellaneous geekery which is usually relevant to the current zeitgeist of Geekdom. A subscription service, LOOT CRATE reminds me of many of those childhood monthly mail-orders where you received a new Dr. Suess book, pack of wildlife cards, or even a record album on your doorstep every 30 days. Although with those monthly subscriptions you usually had an opportunity to choose what is sent to you, while with LOOT CRATE the only hint you have as to what will be coming is a posted theme on their website. Not knowing what to exactly expect in the black box each month makes receiving it that much more fun.
LOOTCRATE_BLACKBOXWell this month’s LOOT CRATE, January of 2015, was put together with the theme of “Rewind.” When I received it in the mail today, I was pleasantly surprised to see a box full of retro-minded items. Amongst the many items is an issue of the LOOT CRATE Magazine, an eighteen page booklet that not only tells you about all the included items in the box but also has a couple of relevant articles on these items and a brief article tied-in with the box’s theme. Here is an excerpt from the magazine about this month’s theme:
LootCrate_themeIn looking back at prior month’s LOOT CRATEs it seems there is at least one item that would be considered retro but this month’s box is all retro.

Finally, the LOOT CRATE black box itself is an item that is customized with each month’s theme. For this retro “Rewind!” January, the black box can be easily unassembled, folded over, and reassembled into this LOOT CRATE retro game console, complete with a punch-out-and-fold controller from the back cover of the LOOT CRATE Magazine.

LootCrate_box02Each month the contents of the LOOT CRATE are divvied up amongst my five children and myself (and sometimes my wife). If I’m lucky I might be able to walk off with the SPACE INVADERS tie but, as for my 12-year-old son, he has declared that he will be going to school in the Voltron shirt and 8Bit shades. Retro will be walking the halls of middle school thanks to LOOT CRATE.


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