Fright-Rags Presents The Frank Frazetta T-Shirt Collection

There is a very good reason that the late great Frank Frazetta’s work is legendary for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books. Quite simply his artwork allowed us to visit lavish worlds of sword and sorcery, epic spacescapes and even sometimes witness brutal creatures of the night as they stalked their frightened prey and sometimes each other. Which might be why the folks at Fright-Rags have opened up pre-orders for their Frank Frazetta line of limited edition T-shirts!

There are three shirts offered with an exclusive fourth T-shirt design plus a 11X17 poster only if you pre-order the box set:

Death Dealer

All images courtesy of Frigh-Rags.
All images courtesy of Fright-Rags.

A Werewolf and his prey from the cover of a classic Creepy magazine.
Frank Frazetta - Creepy - Fright Rags

A Vampire and Werewolf locked in fierce battle, also from a cover of Creepy.
Frank Frazetta - Creepy 2 - Fright Rags

Remember that Fright-Rags prints their awesome shirts in limited quantities so they could sell out, better to jump on over and pre-order today. Of course while you are over there you might want to pick up some of their awesome shirts from a wide range of horror films (Return of the Living Dead to Critters) or even some of their limited edition posters (Check out the one for Exorcist III).


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