1976’s Star Trek: Mission To Gamma VI Playset

In my youth the few Mego dolls that I picked up generally involved their superhero line, I can definitely recall owning not only Spider-Man but his Amazing Spider-Car to boot. I also vaguely remember looking at some of the Star Trek Mego figures and even the U.S.S. Enterprise playset at my local mall but I can say in all honesty that I’ve never set eyes on the Mission To Gamma VI one until I stumbled across it on the Hake’s auction site the other day.

Images courtesy of Hake's.

Images courtesy of Hake’s.

Sadly this awesome looking playset was sold way back in 2007 but at the very least we can feast our eyes on the TV commercial below.

[Via] Sallah 4 Life


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7 thoughts on “1976’s Star Trek: Mission To Gamma VI Playset

  1. I used to look at the Gamma set in catalogs and pine away for it; never to get it. I never saw this set person since none of my friends didn’t have it either. Wonder if price was a factor? Or the lack of popularity of Star Trek stuff amongst my age group during this time ( kindergarten was in 1973-74 for us).

  2. Okay. The family that took care of me during the day while my parents worked had two older boys and they had a TON of great 70s toys, including this one. At the time, I was about 5, so I didn’t know it was Star Trek. But I did play with it ALL THE TIME! I can remember that glove monster and the trap door.

    A few years ago – I wish this wasn’t true – I went back to visit them and introduce my son. When I asked where all the great 70s toys had gone, they had literally just packed them all up and given them away. I could have had my hands on some seriously awesome toys.

    Well, at least I have the memories.

  3. Patrick…that is definitely a big OUCH! You are correct though, at the very least you have the memories of playing with that awesome playset! :)

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