Teddy Ruxpin and Friends in the 1987 Ice Capades

The 1987 edition of the Ice Capades might have had great skaters like Torvill and Dean and Kitty and Peter Carruthers, but the real star of the show was a person in a costume playing the talking bear Teddy Ruxpin.

I did not see this version of the Ice Capades, but I did go to a few other ones and enjoyed them. The one part I always disliked is when they did the move, which you see in this commercial, where the one skater grabs their partner by the leg and whips them around, their head passing mere inches from the ice at high-speed. My Mother would always remark when seeing this on TV, “this is how people break their necks!” Since then just seeing this risky maneuver makes me anxious. All I can think about is the impending tragedy that will traumatize a generation of potential ice-based entertainment fans.

Less daredevils and more Teddy please!


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