Remember this PSA for the healthy snack, “The Saturdae”?

I was very influenced by Saturday Morning Cartoon PSAs as a kid. Especially ones related to food. I still occasionally make ice-cube ice pops from juice and I would make “saturdaes” well into the 1990s. My enthusiasm for them sometime bordered on the maniacal and I could go through a can of pineapple rings in a week when I was really hungry. The only difference between the one in this PSA and mine was the I did not have access to yogurt. My family always picked up fruit, but that creamy dairy product was still something we did not fully understand and did not buy. This despite my Grandmother telling us stories about a Russian village she read about in the news who lived to a hundred years old eating high yogurt diets.

It was almost enough to get her to give up her beloved vanilla ice cream for a healthier alternative…almost.


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