Make Amazing Rugs with the Ronco Speed Tufting Tool

My Sisters were rug crazy in the seventies. Any kit, tool or toy they could get their hands on that made rugs or rug-like wall hanging was used to its maximum potential. So throughout the eighties, the lingering effects of tools like the Ronco Speed Tufting Kit could be felt in out home. Yes, I loved the birthday Snoopy and Woodstock rug that hung on my wall, but after a decade in a house full of smoker, Snoopy was a sickly yellow and poor Woodstock was almost brown. So one by one they all came down and by the early nineties I don’t think we had any left.

I often wondered what made them go so rug crazy? I imagine it was advertisements like this one. It shows young teenagers having fun and making things that could sell for hundreds of dollars….


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