Watch Craig Safan Conduct The Last Starfighter Suite

When I saw the Last Starfighter in theaters back in 1984 I literally was upset that the film had to end. I so very much wanted to spend more time with Alex, Maggie, Grig, and of course Centauri. Sadly of course that never came to be, gone along with the dreams of ever playing a Starfighter arcade game and of having a toy line… but at least we did get a soundtrack and without a doubt it’s one of my top five favorite scores of all time.

Composer Craig Safan really nailed the mood of the film with his score, you have all of the excitement of thrilling outer space battle naturally but some of my favorite themes are the Summer Days-like music…that soft and almost haunting melody that I really think captured my yearning to get out of my small town, most of which you can hear from the 1984 theatrical trailer.


Thanks to Craig Safan’s YouTube channel we can now watch as he conducts The Last Starfighter Suite, where he was a guest at the 2014 International Film Music Festival in Cordoba, Spain.


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