Bounty Microwave Paper Towels?

When the microwave started to creep into everyone’s kitchen a couple of decades ago, people were buying them without a clue as to what to do with them. Even the simplest things like re-heating needed explaining. To cash in help consumers Bounty Paper Towels created a special brand of their towels that would help prevent microwave sogginess when reheating sandwiches and other microwave moist foods. This seems like something that every paper towel could do, but only if you want artificial dyes and fibers in your food (which is why they stopped making asbestos paper towels).

My family was an early adopter of microwave technology and we never used anything special for re-heating at I think the idea of a single purpose paper towel would have been scoffed at. Even if it is being sold by the very trustworthy Rosie.


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