Mattel Drive Command Radio Control Car

Drive Command remote control cars didn’t move very fast, but they had a pretty decent range, according to the commercial up to 50 feet. We were never able to get it to move that far and really after about 10 feet it is very difficult to control the car unless you conveniently have a private overpass near your play area like this kids in this commercial.

Here is the problem with a lot of early remote controls cars. Inevitably you want to make them jump things and if they do not have the speed and durability, they will not make those jumps and something will crack on your beautiful red Ferrari. At first this will make you sad, but in a way it also frees you up to do even crazier stuff with that toy. So if you see a kid carry a toy out in the morning that had previously been pristine, but now has a nice crack or scratch, you can rest assured that when that toy comes back in the house later on, it is going to be a lot more beat up.


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