Duncan Batmobile

The Duncan Batmobile

I am one of those lucky people who gets to celebrate Christmas and my birthday around the same time. It’s a great time to think of amazing gifts from the past. Is there a gift that still holds your attention, after all these years? For me, it is the Duncan Batmobile. I think it’s my most favorite of all the Bat-toys!

This Batmobile was produced as a Duncan product with Simms no. 529 stamped on the bottom. There are Uniplast and foreign Duncan versions as well, usually represented by a red Batmobile or black Batmobile with “Duncanmobile” along the sides. I’m most familiar with the Simms version. It is packaged on a bubble card with repurposed artwork that was used on the Batman “Punch A-Loon” toy from the sixties.


I got mine on my seventh birthday. It was a makeshift plan for my father to take me to ChildWorld where I could pick out a few things as gifts. We stopped at his business and I sat in the red station wagon listening to AM radio hiss and pop, until he came back out.

At the toy store, I zipped through every glorious aisle, catching glimpses of the amazing offerings from the superhero and monster genres. I think I could’ve done the cartoon “eyes out of the head” gag! Eventually I settled on a gifts. I chose wisely – a Hasbro Super Joe Commander and a Simms Batmobile.

When we got home I tore the bubble card open. It had a terrific Batman & Robin action pose. They were fighting The Joker ahd head was in a bubble,. Does that

I parked myself on the living room couch and made up scenarios for the Batmobile to be in. The Batman and Robin figures were removable from their seats. You could separate the chassis and take the cockpit out. I’d do that and utilize it in my stories as a flying car or underwater sub. Who knows? Maybe Green Lantern or Aquaman needed the Dynamic Duo and that hybrid cockpit multi tasking vehicle. There was a ton of playing ability with this relatively simple toy. Plus, it looked great!

Through the years, I have kept my original Simms Batmobile. It doesn’t have the stickers or rocket tubes. It’s been gently played with – slight scuff marks along its edges, etc. I have purchased other copies of it. It’s the one toy I have no will power against! Luckily, they are usually quite reasonable. I started finding them online on the bubble card. It has taken me at least a dozen auctions before I finally won one and got it in mint condition. The card has a crease or two, but it is incredible for this Bat-fan to behold.

A few years ago, I discovered the Duncan Batboat. I have one (mint on card ) in my collection, too. Had I known of its existence then, I’m certain I would’ve picked that to compliment the Batmobile. No offense, Super Joe Commander. You’re a great action figure and I really have enjoyed you. But, you’re no match for the Batmobile/Batboat combo.


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