Grease, for Peace!

Ah! One of my favorite lines as a kid, spoken by one of my favorite characters, Bowzer.


Some of you will recognize that line immediately, some of you will be scratching your heads in confusion. It’s from one of my favorite shows when I was little, “Sha Na Na”. It was a musical sketch comedy show, with a pseudo-50s style. I used to watch it all the time, but haven’t seen it in several decades.


While watching some clips of it online, long forgotten memories are reborn. At the same time though, I notice new things that I never noticed when I was little. For one thing, I just can’t help but notice how……. fa-bu-lous…… they are, especially the guys in the gold suits. They make the Village People look like real he-men in comparison.


Nonetheless, they are excellent performers and comedians. Anyone not already familiar with the show should go and watch it, and anyone who hasn’t seen it in a long time should reacquaint themselves with it.

Now I leave you with their classic Ghost Riders in the Sky number;

….And the classic closing:


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