Do you remember the Furskins?

How do you followup one of the most successful toy lines of a decade? For Cabbage Patch Kid designer, Xavier Roberts, the answer was a lot fuzzier. It was the Furskins. Of varying sizes, these bears came fully dressed with interesting and varied cloths that you could remove. You could also buy separate cloths for them so that they did not need to look the same every day (which is very important for a plush bear).

I never got a store-bought Furskin, but instead got my first one on a road trip with my family when my sister popped out to get herself some Wendy’s. She didn’t bring back any food for us (which caused some complaining), but she did bring back a small Furskin that she gave to me. I think his name was Dudley, which I decided to keep as his name because I like Dudley Moore.


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