“Giants” By Gimmick Tees

I’m not sure if Gimmick Tees is still in business, the last blog and Facebook post that I’ve found was in 2013. What I am sure of though is I would love to own this T-Shirt that I found on their site entitled “Giants”. As you can see it features the Jaegers from Pacific Rim boldly moving out to begin their assault on what must surely be rampaging Kaiju while the spirits of some of our most favorite pop-culture giant protectors look on. Are each of these icons meant to be representations of the past for the likes of Crimson Typhoon, Gipsy Danger, Striker Eurkea and Cherno Alpha?

We have a VF-1 Valkyrie from the Robotech series…though I guess an argument could be made that this might be Jetfire from the Transformers toyline.

All images courtesy of Gimmick Tees.
All images courtesy of Gimmick Tees.

Next up is Ultraman.
Ultraman - Giants - Gimmick Tees

Then we have the Lion Force Voltron.
Voltron - Gimmick Tees

Last but certainly not least we have the Great Mazinger.
The Great Mazinger - Gimmick Tees


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