What is better than a CD Player? A Six CD Player?

It took me forever to finally get a CD Player and I am not even sure I got it for the right reasons. You would think that music sound and accessibility would be why someone would buy one, but I was more sold on the promise and coolness of the technology. I loved the sleek look of the discs and the idea of playing music with a laser still just about makes me giddy.


So commercials like this with its nearly post-modern eighties art direction always caught my attention. While I was up to this point perfectly satisfied with a cassette tape or an LP, now not even a single CD could satisfy my musical needs. This commercial made me realize that I NEEDED a six CD changer so I could enjoy DEVO’s full catalog of music (up through 1986), without leaving the sofa or in this case of this commercial, my stone chair next to my desert neon-rimmed pool.


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