1977 Coca-Cola Star Wars Cups!
Image courtesy of the Making Star Wars Tumblr.

1977 Coca-Cola Star Wars Cups!

A good friend of the site was kind enough to send over this vintage Star Wars in-store advertisement for Coca-Cola collectors cups which was found over at the Making Star Wars Tumblr.

I spent a good thirty minutes just gazing with longing at these cups before I even thought about finding a better image for the cups themselves. Luckily for us such an image was found over at The Bothan Spy site with a bit more information than can be found on the original advertisement.

Image courtesy of the Bothan Spy.
Image courtesy of the Bothan Spy.

From the Bothan Spy site:
“For the super-collectors out there, this series has four variations, for a grand total of 80 different cups. Each cup is marked on the back with various logos. All of the cups say “The Coca-Cola Company” on the back. They were designed to be a promotional giveaway with the purchase of a Frozen Coke or other frozen drink. Some feature additional store and brand logos. The following four logo combinations have been documented:

Coca-Cola / Koolee
Coca-Cola / Koolee / Li’l General
Coca-Cola / Koolee / Shop & Go”

Sadly in my youth I didn’t live near any of these stores listed so that is probably why this is the first I have seen of these particular cups. Looking these over…I would LOVE to have the Luke and Leia swinging across the Death Star chasm cup as well as Han and Chewie, the Jawas carrying R2, the Tusken Raider attack, and Luke in the Falcon’s gunnery chair…oh, who am I kidding? I want all of them!


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  1. I really feel like I had the Tie-Fighter/X-Wing one, or something like it.

    Most likely a similar design from one of the bajillion fast-food chain cross-overs once ’78 became Want-More-Star-Wars year.

    Also, a crime that these cool collector’s cups came in low-grade plastic.
    Takes a lot of care to preserve them.
    Or a bit of carbonite.

  2. From I was able to read on that forum post, Atari, it seems like carbonite was the way to go with saving these for future generations! ;)

  3. I have a complete set of 20 of these. I was looking for more information on them and saw ones I did not recognize. I did not realize there are 4 different sets. I collected mine in 77 from a 7-Eleven. The store is no longer there but I still have the cups. I put them in a box 38 years ago and pull them out every few years when I remember I have them. They are all in good condition, no chipping. But they have yellowed and one has become hard to read the sequence number on the back. Other than that they are in surprising condition seeing as how I put them away as a kid and didn’t pay much attention to their care. I will post some pictures I plan to take. I don’t know if I can post pictures, I just found this sight, but I will look around and see.

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