Stretch X-Ray

A few of my friends had a Stretch Armstrong. It was one of those toys that would mostly sit in the toybox or on the shelf until you had a buddy over, then it would get intensely played with as you attempted to tear Stretch apart. I have owned a few Stretch Armstrongs myself over the years, mostly picked up at flea markets.

While I think he is great, what I have always wanted was a good quality Stretch X-Ray. Stretch X-Ray was an alien invader from space with all the stretchiness of Armstrong, but with ability to see his insides (or support structure).

Here is a classic commercial from the late seventies that demonstrates just what you can do with him. The tone of this ad is odd. The kids are basically torturing their toy and trying to get information from him. While X-Ray does look rather sinister, I am not sure that this was the right tone to take for an ad campaign. Of course, I am well known for my soft stance on alien invaders.

If you are a Stretch X-ray fan, I found this very cool Stretch X-Ray Holographic hanging Store display that is being sold online. It ain’t cheap, but I imagine it could be a “must own” for a hardcore collector of Stretch toys.


[via] thephantom67


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