Did You See The MAD Magazine TV Special in 1974?

Neither did anyone else since it apparently was never aired on TV.
That is to everyone’s loss because, as a fan of vintage MAD, I find it absolutely amazing to see the different graphic styles of the magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots” being fully animated in this MAD MAGAZINE TV SPECIAL. Those individual drawing styles were all maintained for this Special and were not simplified for ease of animation purposes. In fact, it is very impressive how much the animators had retained of the original styles of the magazine’s artists.


The Special seemed to follow the format of MAD magazine with many different segments covering topical bits relevant to the early Seventies, including MAD’s favorite punching bag Nixon’s VP Spiro Agnew. Like articles in MAD, the Special has segments entitled, “MAD’s Auto Manufacturer of the Year”, “The Academy Awards for Parents”, and “Behind The Scenes at a Hospital”.

The most impressive is the lengthy THE GODFATHER movie parody “The Odd Father” animated in Mort Drucker’s incomparable illustration style.


There is also plenty of potrzebie between the longer segments based on the one-page gags of Don Martin, Antonio Prohias and Jack Davis.


Here is the unaired animated half-hour special in its entirety courtesy of [experson] on Youtube:

If you are interested in knowing more about the folks behind this production, please check out the MAD MAGAZINE TV SPECIAL IMDB page that someone has taken the time to create. There are quite a few notable names in the voice cast including Allen Swift (RiffRaff from UNDERDOG, Felix Flanken & Dracula in MAD MONSTER PARTY, and many more). The long list of the animation crew has many names of those that have gone on to work on practically every Saturday AM TV cartoon series of the Seventies and Eighties. Although the MAD MAGAZINE TV SPECIAL was never broadcasted, it was a springboard for a lot of animation careers…or perhaps the end?



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