When was the Golden Age of Singing Telegrams?

When was the Golden Age of Singing Telegrams? Based on what I see in ads and on popular television, I would say it probably started in the mid to late seventies and ended in the mid eighties. This ad for “Monkey Business”, which is a nationwide service, came out right in the heart of the trend and offered some amazing characters to deliver heartfelt well-sung messages. Included in their singer menagerie is Mr. Wonderful, Fatima, the Jelly Belly Dancer, Polly Darton, Super Stud, Roller Skatin’ Hussy, J.R. Pewing/Tex La Touche, Red Hot Mama, Circus Ring Master and more.

Has anyone out there received a singing telegram? Did your singer fit any of these “zanies”? If not, which of these would you like to have received?


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