Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury

After Interplay released the brilliant Star Trek: 25th Anniversary game in 1992, they followed it up with the even more polished Star Trek: Judgment Rites. Not only were these great adventures, but also they featured the original cast as voice actors. Then, in 1997, Interplay promised Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury. It was to be a cutting edge adventure game, using the latest motion capture technology. Again, the original cast lent their voices to the game, using a script by famous Star Trek writer D.C. Fontana. Sadly, financial problems at Interplay, coupled with the high development costs meant that this game never saw the light of day. I still find this especially sad as a fan of Deforest Kelley who played Dr. McCoy. To my knowledge, this was the last time he played Bones, and the recordings seem to be lost forever. Part of me still holds out a glimmer of hope that this final installment of the original crew may someday see the light of day, but it seems highly unlikely


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