Take an I.O.U. from Freeez (1983)

Browsing through a 1983 copy of No. 1 magazine, I was drawn to the song lyrics for a song called I.O.U. by UK dance group Freeez. I wasn’t able to immediately bring the song to mind and so went looking on Youtube for it. I’m so pleased I did as it’s a catchy tune that has aged remarkably well.

If you’re anything like me after watching that video, you’ll be thinking, WOW, that was definitely 1983. Here’s a couple of my favourite images:


I foolishly watched the video several times and now have “A-E-A-E-I-O-U-U I Sometimes Cry” on a repeating loop in my head. I apologise if this happens to any of you. If you need help with your own singalong, here’s the lyrics:

Freeez Lyrics

Because I’m a sucker for punishment, I also had to watch the group’s performance on the Top of the Pops Christmas ’83 special:


If you look carefully, you’ll see the guy on keyboard is wearing a pair of those rather fetching visor-glasses! For the ultimate I.O.U. experience, check out this acapella and dub mix which is guaranteed to become an instant ear-worm!

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