Retro Records: Spider-Man – “The Mark Of The Man-Wolf!!”

Welcome back to a new installment of Retro Records! This time we have another fantastic Power Records release from back in the early 1970s featuring the Amazing Spider-Man in “The Mark of the Man-Wolf!!”.

After launching a brand new editorial smear campaign against Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson is lucky that his little stunt draws the ire of Peter Parker, lucky because he decides to visit Jameson in the guise of his alter-ego…arriving just in time to prevent the Daily Bugle editor from being slaughtered by the menacing Man-Wolf!

But why did the Man-Wolf target Jameson? We readers know the answer to that thanks to the cover but will Spider-Man be able to figure out the mystery of the Man-Wolf and find a way to stop the beast man? For that you will just have to join us on Retro Records as we learn of “The Mark of the Man-Wolf”!
[Via] Brandon Hex

A big thanks to the Power Records Blogspot for that awesome cover you see up top as well as for giving us the heads up that Peter Parker/Spider-Man was voiced by Peter Fernandez for this recording, you might know Fernandez better as the voice of Speed Racer!


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