Ready To See The Solution To A 17X17X17 Rubik’s Cube?

Okay. First of all I must state that I quite enjoy the Rubik’s Cube, many times when I’m at home or at work at the arcade I have picked up a cube and tried my hardest to solve it. I have failed. It has been this way since my youth when the Rubik’s Cube craze was sweeping the country…

[Via] Kotc2295
…and to this day it mocks me daily with my failure. It. Mocks. Me!

So when Andrew Liszewski over at Gizmodo posted this young man named Kenneth solving a 17X17X17 monstrosity of a Rubik’s Cube designed by one Oskar Van Deventer…I promptly passed out for a couple of minutes at the thought of trying to solve such a beast. When I awoke and picked myself off the floor I braced myself as I watched the timelapse video Kenneth uploaded which chronicles the 7 and a half hours it took to solve it.

Kenneth was kind enough to post his entire solution as well…when you have 7 and a half hours to spare.


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