Happy New Year! Welcome 2015!

Wow! 2014 really was a blur. As someone who deals with nostalgia a lot, people often ask me how I feel about the passage of time. Does it make me sad? Do I miss the good ol’ days?

It does make me a little sad, but only because I look back fondly on the things that I have done or enjoyed in the past. But I try to use my nostalgic nature to teach myself that I need to enjoy stuff now. While I might really have enjoyed 1984, I also enjoyed stuff from 1994 and I see no reason to that I won’t be looking back at 2014 a decade from now with some amount of fondness.

So I hope you had an enjoyable 2014, a Happy New Year’s Eve and are getting ready for an amazing 2015. Keep making great memories people!

Now I got to go get some sleep, so I will see you all tomorrow.


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