Be Retro For 2015, Hang a Calendar from 1987, 1981, or 1970!

Why not begin 2015 in the true retro spirit by using date-matching calendars from 1987, 1981 or even 1970. True, using an actual paper calendar that hangs on your wall, refrigerator or bulletin board is retro in itself these days. So, for 2015 then, why not go the whole retro nine yards and hang a vintage calendar from the past?

According to, the calendar dates of 2015 match many different years in the range of 1903 to 2009. However three particular matching years, 1987, 1981 and 1970, can offer us a plethora of retro awesomeness in 2015 paper calendar options. To help give you an idea of your retro choices, the following images have been recently culled from eBay which is the go-to site to purchase all things vintage and retro:

1970: Peanuts, local freebies from fast food restaurants, and tea towels are still available from 1970.

1981: Marvel, Mad, Mickey, McDonalds, a Muppet and Morris are just a sampling of the great 1981 calendars that are still around for use in 2015.

1987: A cartoon cat, a disastrous duck, and Don Johnson are some of the choices from 1987 for 2015.

Although some calendar themes, like cats for instance, seem to be timeless I doubt you can pick up a 2015 MIAMI VICE calendar in any local store today. The price of a vintage calendar can be the same, if not cheaper, than a current contemporary calendar as well. So, besides possibly saving a few dollars, you’ll also have the satisfaction of living each day the retro way simply by glancing at your new, old calendar for 2015.


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