How about a delicious Duncan Hines Cookie?

Visits to my Grandmother’s apartment usually meant a long day of watching TV followed by a delicious sleep inducing dinner. It was pretty amazing and I looked forward to my visits there. To cap things off, after a feast of meat and potatoes or pasta, dessert was simple. For the adults, some sort of coffee cake, for the kids, vanilla ice cream and Duncan Hines Cookies. It wasn’t always Duncan Hines, for a long time it was Entenmann’s, but at some point she switched, and now I always associate good time with Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookies (never with walnuts).

Sadly they don’t make them anymore, so they are on a long list of foods I always look for when I visit my local supermarket. To get my hands on them and some Sealtest Vanilla would be like stepping into a time machine, one that I would use often.


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