For Portable VCR Video Fun, Try the Akai AktiVideo

In 1978, Portable VCRs hit the market and in 1979, Akai released their VHS playing AktiVideo system. For someone who would not get a VCR for many more years, the technology still seemed really new, but the VHS format was already fairly dominant with surveys showing that 3/4 of all VCRs in homes were VHS.

Akai and many others tried to take the VHS to a different place with these portable systems. My favorite image in this ad is the guy on the train smoking the cigar watching a movie on his tiny television. That is exactly the type of future I was hoping for when I was a kid and this ad would have still seemed like Science Fiction to me for most the 1980s.

It is amazing how far we have come in such a short time.


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