Do you remember the Cap’n Crunch “Free The Cap’n Sweepstakes”?

The Free The Cap’n Sweepstakes started around 1986. As a fan of the cereal and contests in general, I was all aboard. I mean what kid doesn’t want a share of a million dollars? Sadly though, I was not able to participate in this particular contest.

Why you ask? Well, you needed to call phone numbers to play this game and I had gotten in trouble in the 1980s calling people like Howard the Duck, Santa Claus and others. So I was gun-shy about picking up the phone for the Captain. Because of this, in the late 1990s, I found 4 or 5 of the contest cards in my family’s junk drawer still intact. Like almost everything in that drawer, it was thrown out at sometime around the turn of the millennium, so while the cards went away, the memories remained and thanks to the internet, the commercials.


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