Skil-Stik for the Intellivision and Sears Super Video Arcade

I had a friend with an Intellivision and when played it, we complained constantly about the lack of joysticks. To try to shut us up he picked up a pair of joysticks that attached to the Intellivision control discs. At first it seemed like a great idea, but if you applied any type of pressure to the sticks they popped off and the game you were playing was pretty much ruined.

It took a very gentle hand to use them, which none of us had and we soon went back to the original controllers and our pointless complaining.


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2 thoughts on “Skil-Stik for the Intellivision and Sears Super Video Arcade

  1. Alarie says:

    I like looking up on Google Maps Street View what the places looks like now. Pretty neat. I believe my brother had one of these or something similar to it for his Intellivision.

  2. Eagles409 says:

    They made a later version that clipped onto the controllers and you could use as much force as you wanted. I never really used them because once you got used to using the Intellivision disc it actually worked really well.

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