Check Out NECA’s 1989 NES Batman Figure!
Toy images courtesy of NECA.

Check Out NECA’s 1989 NES Batman Figure!

I have quite a few fond memories of playing the 1989 Batman game from Sunsoft on my Nintendo Entertainment System. Like almost every game back then for the NES I would have a set number of hours at my Grandparents after school…generally at the end of Transformers and before the nightly news began…but Batman changed the rules. My gaming marathons against this cartridge went well past the designated time issued and into when we would usually be watching early evening sitcoms.

To use my Grandfather’s saying, “It ate my lunch”. I could get almost to the end of the game but eventually run out of continues before I was able to get Batman to go mano a mano with the Joker. There have only been a few games in my collections that have ever triggered the switch of what I think is ‘Gamer Rage’ but this was one of them. Over and over and over I would play the game but continuously fail which just made me angrier and angrier until it boiled over at one point and a scene very reminiscent from the Christmas Story with Ralphie helping his Father change a tire took place in our home.

So while I was at school the next day, my Grandmother decided to visit our local shopping center and pick up something that would give me the edge, nay, the Advantage over Batman.

NES Advantage

It totally worked. That very afternoon when I got home from school I was able to not only meet the Joker but defeat him. Now maybe I couldn’t do a speed run like you can see on the SpeedDemosArchiveSDA YouTube page but I could certainly replay the game and enjoy it now. It became one of my favorite NES games in fact, with the NES Advantage it gave me the time to appreciate the music and animation…when I wasn’t spamming that Slow button of course.

Imagine my surprise when NECA announced they were releasing a 7″ Batman figure based on the 1989 NES game!

Toy images courtesy of NECA.
Toy images courtesy of NECA.

The figure includes 25 points of articulation and as you can see is painted in a style similar to how he looked in the game. What really caught my attention though was how they made the packaging for the figure resemble a distressed version of the original game NES game box.

Batman - NES Package - NECA

You can follow the link provided up above to visit NECA and check out all the details for this limited edition figure.


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