Clive Barker’s “Lord of Illusions” Director’s Cut From Scream Factory!

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Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Image courtesy of Scream Factory.

When Lord of Illusions was released back in 1995 I believe it is safe to say that I was pretty excited about it. I had been a fan of Clive Barker’s previous films, Hellraiser in 1987 and of course Nightbreed in 1990. I was also a big fan of Scott Bakula thanks to his main role as the time jumping Sam Beckett in the hit TV series Quantum Leap. So I was at the Razorback Theater on opening night to catch the latest film from Clive Barker, one promising a mixture of detective noir and supernatural menace.

Lord of Illusions - Scott Bakula

Personally I felt the film didn’t deliver what the trailer was promising and I left the auditorium feeling pretty let down. Which is why I was so excited when our friends from Scream Factory were kind enough to send me the new Lord of Illusions 2 Disc Collector’s Edition because it includes Clive Barker’s Directors Cut of his film. The new High Definition transfer of the Director’s Cut looks great of course, even if at times it brings out the faults in the CGI technology of the time but it does a remarkable job of tightening up the story and more importantly the characters themselves.

As for the story, when private detective Harry D’Amour (Bakula) is sent from New York City to L.A. to tail a man guilty of insurance fraud he literally stumbles upon a web of supernatural revenge that was started 13 years prior in the Mojave Desert. Now Harry to be honest isn’t your typical private investigator…he just recently found himself embroiled in a trifling matter…a case of exorcism (The flashbacks from these scenes made me jump a foot).

So as Harry finds himself put on the case by forces beyond his control he crosses paths with master illusionist Philip Swann (Played by the Mummy’s Kevin J. O’Connor) and his beautiful Wife, Dorothea (X-Men’s Famke Janssen). When Harry witnesses an illusion gone wrong that ends up killing Swann onstage, a gruesome and prolonged death with swords dropping from above the stage and making the illusionist a human pincushion…he decides to get to the bottom of the mystery and do his best to protect Dorothea and himself in the process.

Which will lead him on a quest to solve the mystery began 13 years ago and to face off against a cult leader known as ‘The Puritan’.

As usual with a Scream Factory release they’ve packed it with the extra features we all love:
Theatrical Cut of the Film
All NEW High Definition Transfer of Clive Barker’s Director’s Cut of the Film
Commentary by Director Clive Barker
“A Gathering of Magic” Featurette – Original Behind the Scenes Footage
Unseen Rare Behind the Scenes Footage “Illusion of Reality” – Vintage Interviews and UNSEEN On-Set Footage Provide a Fascinating Look into the Making of the Film
Deleted Scenes with Clive Barker Commentary
NEW Interview with Storyboard Artist Martin Mercer
Photo Gallery

So follow the link up top to secure your copy of the Lord of Illusions Collector’s Edition today!


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