The Excitement of the Radio Shack Catalog

I got a flimsy circular in the mail the other day from Radio Shack. I didn’t even look at it before tossing it in the trash. Afterwards I started thinking about how excited I used to get when I would get my hands on a Radio Shack catalog back when they were slightly bulkier things filled with all sorts of whiz-bang electronic parts and equipment and not just mobile phones and high-end headphones.

My father was pretty handy with electronic stuff and he had a stack of them on his workbench when I was growing up. I would sneak down there all the time and poke through them and try to figure out what project he was working on (usually a radio restoration). I am pretty sure that I will never see the Radio Shack of my youth, but the memories I have still leave me with a positive impression of the brand.


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