Check Out These Radical NES TMNT Coasters!

I’ve written more than a few posts about by being lucky enough to work at the Arkadia Retrocade and thanks to that I come into contact with not only the most skilled Players but some of the most talented artists working in Northwest Arkansas. Case in point, a great guy and good friend to the arcade and also one of those gifted artists I’m talking about, Terry Thielen!

Images courtesy of Terry Thielen.
Images courtesy of Terry Thielen.

The other night while I was working he dropped by to gift the arcade with some of his fantastic perler bead artwork, they are coasters in fact inspired by the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title by Ultra Games (Konami).

Check out this character select screen from the original game and then take a look at Terry’s work.

Thielen - Leonardo

Thielen - Ralphael

Thielen - Michelangelo

Thielen - Donatello

Now you can probably see how much the Players that come into Arkadia are going to enjoy that artwork when they belly up to the snack bar but couldn’t your own home need some NES Turtle Coasters? So why don’t you take a quick moment to jump over to Terry’s official Facebook page at TNThielen Art & Comics, check out some of his other wonderful artwork there and maybe see about picking up a set for yourself?


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